Fans Calling For A Robin Williams Biopic After Comedian’s Impression Goes Viral

Since his death in 2014, the world has been a little dimmer without the kinetic joy of Robin Williams. The legendary comedian never met a medium he couldn’t tackle, leaving behind a legacy that no one could even begin to touch. And yet, comedian/impressionist Jamie Costa has done it again, sharing a reel of what he calls “test footage” that’s wowed the internet so much, there are calls for him to officially be cast as Williams in a biopic.

The scene, based on details from author Dave Itzkoff’s biography Robin, depicts Robin Williams on the moment he discovered that his friend, SNL legend John Belushi, died that morning. As the story goes, Williams learned from Mork & Mindy co-star Pam Dawber that Belushi had passed, leading to the emotional moment that Jamie Costa and co-star Sarah Murphree share, as Williams and Dawber, respectively. Take a look for yourself below, courtesy of Jamie Costa

No stranger to the attention his exceptional mimicry has garnered him, Costa has been featured throughout the internet, as well as on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, doing his impression of the late Robin Williams. As you can see in the video above, Jamie Costa is really good at portraying the actor in both his happier and more serious moments. That impressive range is only impressing fans of the man who gave Aladdin’s Genie his voice, among other landmark performances. 

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In the years since Robin Williams’ passing, stories of the man’s kindness have been shared by numerous sources. Knowing the image that Williams left behind only highlights how well Jamie Costa’s impression of the man works, as this isn’t just a standard case of an actor slipping into someone’s skin in appearance alone. Costa nails everything from mannerisms to the vocal stylings of Williams, which only continues to draw reactions like this next one we’re about to share: 

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Of course, even though seven years have passed since his death, Robin Williams’ children are still processing his loss in their own ways. His eldest son Zak commemorated the passing with a sweet social media tribute, which should only remind the world that before anyone rushes into creating a biopic around the star of the Night at the Museum franchise and The Birdcage, Williams’ family will need to be consulted. It’s a sentiment echoed by a cautious, yet still optimistic fan: 

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At this point, fans are probably wondering whether or not Jamie Costa’s impression has been seen by the late comedian’s family. That question is what will close out these reactions, as Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda has reacted to the “test footage” reel. While respecting Costa’s gifts, Ms. Williams politely asked fans not to forward her the clip anymore, for understandably obvious reasons: 

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A complicated situation arises when looking at the video that kicked off this entire story. While fans of Robin Williams miss his spark of madness on their screens, and would love to see his story told through Jamie Costa’s unique abilities, it’s ultimately up to his family as to whether or not this could happen. It may be seven years on, but that may not be enough for Zak, Zelda, and the rest of the family the late comedian left behind to be comfortable with such a prospect. However, when the time comes, and it eventually will, it’s going to be hard to find anyone who captures the experience that was Robin Williams better than Jamie Costa.

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